Pepper Grapes Portable Charger $30.00

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Pepper Grapes Portable Charger

• Includes Micro USB Cable.
• Compatible with any USB charger.
• Ultra slim
• Durable, scratch resistant

A Fully Charged Pepper Grapes provides:

• 2500 MAH.
• 15hrs Talk Time.
• 12hrs Internet Use.
• 60hrs Audio Playback.

Grapes the Cat is shrouded in a mysterious tale of the world's best surfers and sharing the shenanigans they reaped around the world. Let's just say keeping your phone charged was a clutch move when adding to the tale of that scapegoat named Grapes. So clearly this emergency charger is a necessity for any restless savage wandering the world and documenting scandalous mayhem. That's all you get for now, but run into one of the legends listed below and you might get the dirty details out of them.